Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection

When we were younger, we had so many ideas about how life should be, some of us had dreams of what we would be, of what we could be; we had thoughts and ideas about life and about love. As we grew older some of those thoughts and ideas changed. The truth is, our friends have a big influence on us and sometimes it’s because of our friends that our thoughts and ideas have changed. Sometimes we find ourselves so far off track and we find ourselves doing things we never wanted to do or never thought we would do. Let’s talk about different ways to overcome the fear of rejection.overcoming fears

Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection-Be Honest With Yourself

Many times it’s hard to admit that we’re not in as much control of our lives as we would like to be. One of the ways to overcome the fear of rejection is to be honest with ourselves. Many times we become what others want us to be so we can have at least one area in our lives where we are accepted. This doesn’t have to be bad or anything; it’s just not what you wanted to do.  Often we make some very bad choices simply because we don’t want to be rejected. Take an honest look at the choices and decisions that you’ve made in the last thirty days and be willing to make changes.

consequencesWays To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection-Possible Consequences

Being accepted is one of the most important things in the life of a young person, and in the process of being accepted we often confuse being accepted with being in love or being loved.

For many of us, if we’re honest with ourselves, we have settled for sex for a few moments of feeling cared for, to fit in, maybe for a few moments to escape the feeling of being alone, rejected. I think that one of the best ways to overcome the fear of being rejected is to know some possible consequences of doing things to be accepted. Listen to this:

  •  The percentage of high school students who have had sexual intercourse increases by grade.  62 percent of 12th graders had had sexual intercourse, compared with 33 percent of 9th graders. 
  • Nearly one fifth (17%) of sexually active females ages 15-19 and 9 percent of males the same age said they used no method of contraception the last time they had sex.
  • About a third (34%) of young women become pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20 – about 820,000 a year, and approximately four million teens contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) each year.

This is around the same time our bodies are starting to change and what our peers think about us begins to become very important to us. It kind of makes sense doesn’t it? This is around the same time when we start to feel like we’re alone, we feel like no one really understands us and we start to feel like we’re becoming adults.

Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection-Accept Who You Areovercome fear

When we talk about ways to overcome the fear of rejection I think it’s important to state the obvious; it’s okay to be who you are and just know that there are people who will respect and accept you for who you are. Well, listen to this: Among teens aged 15-17 that have never had sexual intercourse, 94 percent said that concern about pregnancy, HIV/AIDS (92%), STDs (92%) and feeling ‘too young’ (91%) influenced their decision to wait.

Can you relate to any of the concerns that the people around the same age as you addressed? Being honest with yourself allows you to make needed changes in your decisions, knowing some of the consequences of settling for sex when you want to be accepted can help you to choose to respect yourself and accepting who you are empowers you to have more control in your life. All of these things are effective ways to overcome the fear of rejection.

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