The “My life” Series

The “My life” series is another innovative tool used by the DETOUR program to address adolescents involved in risky behaviors (drug and alcohol use, bullies, teen pregnancy, STDS, delinquent behaviors, etc.) which we call “barriers to your success”.

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The “My life” series is broken into three phases and each phase is four weeks in length, using a small group format.

Phase 1: Addresses the various behaviors that put them at risk as well as informing them about the consequences of those behaviors.

Phase 2: Gives solutions that provide participants with options that allow them to make better decisions when faced with the various “barriers to their success”.

Phase 3: Provides a creative outlet that allows the participants the opportunity to share what they have learned by creating a video Public Service Announcement to be shared with peers, family members and their community.

The “My life” series offers a mentoring component as well, the mentor program is a year-long program that reinforces the concepts learned in the small groups.

It also offers some participants the chance to create ongoing Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to share with peers, family members, and their community. The PSAs can possibly be posted on YouTube™ as well as the DETOUR website.


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