The Alternate Route Program

The Alternate Route program is a diversion program targeting juvenile offenders and those with behavioral health diagnosis between the ages of 13-17. This program offers mental health treatment; creative, innovative group interventions and family support systems. The goal of the program is to prevent incarceration/repeat offenses, improve academic performance and address previously unidentified family stressors that contribute to the youth’s behavior.

Alternate Route 1 The Alternate Route program often collaborates with local counseling centers that provide assessments and clinical interventions.

After the initial ten week “Alternate Route”, we also provide our 500 hour Reentry Prep which is specifically designed to prepare offenders to be productively involved in their communities, and society.

The Reentry Prep was developed to meet our community integration philosophy. The Reentry Prep will help to ensure a successful transition by equipping offenders with the basic knowledge and skills needed to reintegrate into the community. The curriculum supports positive individual change by providing practice activities designed to improve the ability to use and process information, develop a positive attitude and moral compass, and accept rules and regulations.

The Reentry Prep program addresses such topics as: Personal Development,  Problem Solving & Decision Making, Values Clarification- Goal Setting  and Victim Awareness & Restitution.

We do not exclude with respect to charges or mental illness, youth deemed to pose a serious public safety threat and sex offenders might be excluded from the program. Entrance into the program is on a case by case basis.


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