The Detour Programs

The Detour Program represents a fresh approach to imparting life and relationship skills to middle and high school age youth.  Detour compels and challenges youth to discover their gifts, talents and purpose. It has proven to be an exciting, non-traditional vehicle that equips and empowers adolescents with practical knowledge and skills immediately usable in the routines of their daily living.

Alternate Route 3

The Detour Program is designed to assist adolescents as they attempt to navigate through middle school, high school and all of the challenges that come with that process. It is a transition program with three distinct tracts: The Alternate Route is a diversion program; “My Life” Series is a prevention program; and The Detour Scholar Program is a school wide motivational system.

The Alternate Route Program

This diversion program targets juvenile offenders and those with behavioral health diagnosis between the ages of 13-17. The goal of the program is to prevent incarceration/repeat offenses, improve academic performance and address previously unidentified family stressors that contribute to the youth’s behavior.

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The “My life” Series

This is another innovative tool used by the DETOUR Program to address adolescents involved in risky behaviors (drug and alcohol use, bullies, teen pregnancy, STDS, delinquent behaviors, etc.) which we call “barriers to your success”.

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The Detour Scholar Program

This is a school wide motivational system that addresses the needs of digital natives through technological communication that motivates learning and promotes leadership skills. Our system is designed to engage students in cognitive and affective activities with an emphasis on self-empowerment, learning, achievement and significance.  Technology is integrated throughout the lessons.

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The Detour Program measures its success with a pre and post survey is given to participants, teachers and probation officers. We also solicit feedback from parents upon conclusion of the program.


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