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The Greatest Story Never Told

It has been said that the richest places in the world is not in the diamond mines of South Africa or the oil fields of the Middle East but in the local cemetery! That’s right, the local cemeteries! You see, so many people will die without ever realizing who they are, without ever fulfilling their dreams and purpose! They go to their graves with books that were never written, songs that were never heard, inventions, cures, movements and leaders that will never be shared with us! We can’t let that happen to us; our lives can’t become the greatest story never told!

The Greatest Story Never Told-Make Your Life Countgreatest story never told

When a person dies and is buried, there is always one thing that is on a person’s grave-stone; that is the date of birth and the date of death. But, there is something else on the marker that is so powerful, so remarkable. It’s the dash! (19002000) the dash represents the time between a person’s birth and their death, the dash represents a person’s life! What will your dash say about you?  When people think of you what do want them to say about your life?  Have you ever considered what kind of legacy you want to leave behind when you die? What are you doing with your dash right now? It is very difficult to think about your purpose and potential

  • When you do not know who you are.
  • You don’t like who you are.
  • You don’t care who you are.

Right now is the beginning or the start of knowing who you are and why it’s important for you to like and accept who you are. Remember that there will be times when you get stressed or depressed or things just aren’t working out the way that you want them to-they’re not meant to define what your life is but, when we deal with those difficult times in a positive way, it helps to shape our life; we learn how to make our life count.

The Greatest Story Never Told-Look At The Clues

greatest story nnever toldMany of you need to know that you are unique and have something that everyone else needs. You need to know that there is a reason/ purpose for your life and no one can do what you were born to do, the way that only you can do it. Have you ever wondered why were you born?  Have you ever wondered why you do some of the things that you do? Why you like to draw, read, play sports, why do you like math, science, history, or how you’re able to solve problems easy, why you like clothes so much-not to impress your friends, but you have a special fashion sense. Have you ever wondered why you like the things that you do? We can’t allow our lives to become the greatest story never told, we can’t! We have to recognize that these things may be giving you a clue to what your gifts, talents and purpose are.

The Greatest Story Never Told-Be Bold, Be Strong!

Remember to take an honest look at yourself.  Even though we place a lot of importance on what others think of us, how we see ourselves makes all of thegreatest story never told difference.  We have to be willing to embrace our gifts and talents, we have to be brave enough to pursue those things because they may cause people to notice you, pursuing your gifts and talents might cause you to stand out in the crowd. The funny thing is if you have a sport related talent or a musical gift, everyone accepts that, but if you have gifting in other areas it causes people to act differently towards you. Be bold enough to do you; be strong enough to stand out in the crowd! Your life has meaning and purpose!  You are not a mistake! You are not useless! Make your life a great story to be told! We can’t allow our lives to be like so many before us; the greatest story never told.