The Detour Program represents a fresh approach to imparting life and relationship skills to middle and high school age youth.  Detour compels and challenges youth to discover their gifts, talents and purpose.

Detour has proven to be an exciting, non-traditional vehicle that equips and empowers adolescents with practical knowledge and skills immediately usable in the routines of their daily living. Detour is an outcome based program that maximizes students’ ability to successfully negotiate common challenges faced by their peers and families.  Personal responsibility for one’s thoughts, actions and spiritual growth is emphasized as desirable and rewarding, rather than viewed as a great difficulty or burden.

Students find Detour interesting and engaging because it focuses on them: that is, what they desire to be, what they desire to do and what special gifts, skills and talents accompany these desires.  Detour is for them and about them!  It develops commitment around their interest and then uses that commitment to foster healthy and effective life and relationship skills.

Detour understands that a youth fully engaged in becoming what God has planned for him/her is less likely to succumb to drugs, alcohol and illicit sex.

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Why The Detour Program?

Many middle and high school age youth do not make the connection between how, what they learn and do now impacts their future opportunities and their ability to seize such opportunities.  DETOUR makes the connection for them beginning with their goals and dreams!

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Life and Relationship Skills Addressed by Detour

  • Purpose
  • Anger Management
  • The Power of words
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Critical thinking
  • Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses

Results of The Detour Program

  • Reduction of anger outbursts in the classrooms and at home
  • Decreases in impulsive behaviors
  • Improved peer interactions
  • Increased willingness to engage the learning process
  • Employment for some high school age students

These results are based off of feedback obtained from parents, teachers, probation officers and the students themselves.

Detour recognizes that change is certain, but how youth respond to and transition through that change is best determined by their preparation to engage it.

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